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Making the Most out of a Greater Peoria Internship

Kelsey Vogt, pictured above, shares her story about interning in Peoria last summer.

Last year, the GPEDC launched our first ever Summer Intern Mixer event series for college-age students living and working in Greater Peoria. These mixers, hosted by a variety of companies in our region, allow interns to explore the regional opportunities as well as connect with other people here for the summer.

Kelsey Vogt, former student at Bradley University, had the opportunity to attend our mixers, along with around 50 other regional interns, and now plans to stay and work in the area post-graduation.

Kelsey has accepted a full-time job with Caterpillar. She describes how these intern mixers helped her in her decision to accept this position,

“These mixers are what allowed me to explore Peoria. I attended almost every one, maybe even all of them, and enjoyed every minute of it!”

With these intern mixers, all those who attend get the opportunity to see a variety of companies in the region, as well as check out lots of great bars and restaurants in town.

“Since I attended Bradley University, also in Peoria, I have already had four years in the city. Although being an employee and a full-time student are different, I am happy that I will have done both in Peoria.”

These mixers are not only a great way to network, but a fun way to let loose and have some fun over the summer with local interns.  The events are free to attend, and you might even get to enjoy free food or drinks, and a cool prize or too! If you’re spending your summer as an intern in the Peoria region, you’re in luck.

This year, we will be hosting another intern mixer series with events every Thursday in June and July! Be sure to take advantage of the chance to meet new interns and organizations. This year, any intern who attends 4 or more mixers will get to come to our Leadership Luncheon, a large networking event with regional young professionals, CEOs, and free lunch!

To stay up to date with info regarding our intern mixers, click here to sign up.


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