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East Peoria, Illinois

Home to Caterpillar’s first factory, East Peoria still houses Caterpillar manufacturing facilities. More than a factory town, East Peoria is a thriving center of commerce and learning. The Levee District is a regional shopping hub, and Illinois Central College’s well-designed campus resides on top of an East Peoria bluff.

Founded: 1884
Population: 23,402 (2010)

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East Peoria Highlights

Considering East Peoria? These are some of the most important & exciting things going on in town—

Great Shopping<br />
& Dining

Great Shopping
& Dining

Fabulous shopping and restaurant destinations, including Bass Pro Shop, EastSide Centre, Costco, and more.

Central<br />


East Peoria is in the heart of metropolitan area—easy to get to and from anywhere.  Quick access to hospitals and a variety of transportation options.

Safety Is<br />
A Priority

Safety is
a Priority

East Peoria has a low crime rate. Over the past 8 years the city council has invested in public safety for residents and visitors.

 Great Support Services

Great Support Services

If you’re in business, East Peoria has all sorts of great supply houses for everything from office supplies to plumbing to electrical to everything in-between.

Quality Services For Residents

Quality Services for Residents

Services like fully-certified paramedics, complementary recycling, as well as a full-time fire department in addition to new educational facilities.

Unique Small-Town Feel

Unique Small-Town Feel

East Peoria offers a small-town feel, but with the services and amenities found in big city living.

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*The circle size in the map above corresponds with the population of that city.

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